Hawaii is now the 7th US state to welcome all tourists

The Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) praises Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie for signing the Civil Union bill today in Honolulu. As the Governor said: “E Komo Mai – it means all are welcome. This signing today of this measure says to all of the world that they are welcome; that everyone is a brother or sister here in paradise.”

Civil Unions allow any two people regardless of gender or sexual orientation to share the same responsibilities and rights shared of married couples.

Hawaii is the 7th state in the U.S. to allow Civil Unions.

HiTA president Juergen T Steinmetz said: “Civil Unions are especially important to same-sex couples, and this sends a clear message to the world that Hawaii welcomes everyone – gay or straight – to visit our beautiful state.”

Steinmetz hopes this will encourage businesses in Hawaii to invest in more gay-friendly venues and encourage gay travelers from around the globe to select Hawaii as their vacation destination.

Hawaii is not only for those wanting to come to Hawaii to enter a Civil Union, it is for any traveler to understand that Hawaii is a melting pot of races and beliefs – everyone is welcome to visit, and everyone will have the time of their life enjoying the state’s beaches, mountains, restaurants, bars, night clubs, shopping, and cultural venues.