Top 5 Greece Destinations

Greece has been a popular tourist hotspot for many years and with stunning beaches, azure waters and attractive cities and towns, it’s easy to see why.

Cruising the Mediterranean is the perfect way to see the best of Greece. Our guide will tell you what to see and do in the country’s most popular cruise stop-off points.

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Crete has a unique history and culture, with an array of fascinating sites that reveal its rich past. Visit ancient Knossos, a ruinous village that dates back more than 9,000 years. The area is dominated by a stunning Minoan palace that stood as the centre of the Minoan civilisation. The palace is home to the legendary King Minos and is the origin the story of Theseus, who is said to have slain the Minotaur in the labyrinth.

Walkers will enjoy a trip to Samaria Gorge, which spans more than 16km, making it one of the largest gorges in Europe. Situated within a national park, the area is full of amazing flora and fauna as well as some spectacular views. The walking route through the gorge starts at a height of 1,250m in the White Mountains and takes around six hours.


Athens is a cosmopolitan city where the ancient and the modern sit side by side. Visit the Parthenon for an insight into the incredible legacy of the Greek civilisation, or hit the hip bars and cafes to eat an alfresco meal and watch the world go by.

There are plenty of Athens attractions to enjoy including museums, art galleries and theatres. The Acropolis museum is stuffed with ancient artefacts, whilst the museum of Cycladic art is dedicated to the promotion of the ancient Aegean and Cypriot cultures.


Known locally as the island of winds, Mykonos has been popular with tourists since the 1950s. The island has long been a haven for artists it’s plethora of galleries and artisan shops reflect this. Visit ‘Little Venice’ to the east of Mykonos harbour. Its higgledy-piggledy houses in an array of Mediterranean colours are the ideal embodiment of island living.

You can also go back in time, with a visit to the archaeological museum, or catch some rays on one of the fabulous beaches. There’s plenty of shopping too with a wide range of shops from traditional to designer and a wide choice of restaurants serving traditional Greek fare.


Corfu has long been a popular beach holiday destination, but there’s so much more to this island than its sandy shores. Corfu town has an incredible array of architecture influenced by French, Italian and even British design. Achillion Palace is well worth a visit with its stunning architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens. Thrillseekers will adore a trip to the famous Aqualand, one of Europe’s largest theme parks. Or, for a truly unusual experience you could pay a visit to the deserted mountain village of Old Perithia.