Keeping Costs Down When Travelling

As fun as travelling can be, it is not always cheap. Whether on a business trip, holiday or simply visiting friends and family, everyone needs to travel occasionally. As such, keeping the costs down is always appreciated. Learning that now, rather than later, will not only save you more money, but help turn it into a vital skill in the years to come.

Additionally, many of the tips and techniques here might still be beneficial to the frequent traveller. There is always something new to learn, and there are definitely always ways to keep costs down for those who seek them.

Travelling Options: Insurance

First of all, it might be a surprise to look into insurance options when travelling, but your choice of transport definitely adds a certain cost.

Vehicle insurance is expensive, as are the running costs of owning a vehicle. If you don’t travel that often, owning such a vehicle may seem pointless. It could sit in your drive, only being used for short distances in day to day life where public transport would suffice.

Instead, consider renting a car when you need it. By only driving in short time frames throughout the year, you’ll find that car club insurance can be surprisingly cheap. Compare this to the costs of owning a car all year around, and the maths should speak clearly.


Similar to your transport options, a lot of people often go for overtly expense accommodation. Hotels can be effective, but you really need to assess your use of them.

If you just want a bed for the night, a motel or B&B might be much cheaper. Hotels can charge a hefty fee per night, which they often justify for the atmosphere and additional facilities. Unless you’re making full use of the hotel, there isn’t always much point to them. If you’re just using the room, the basic facilities found here can be found in most forms of accommodation.

Moving down the scale will provide you with more money from savings without sacrificing much. A bed and bathroom are all that most people require, so it doesn’t always make sense to go to an expensive hotel.

Saving Money

In short, these are only some basic areas, but they are the areas where a lot of money goes when travelling. If you cut down your transport and accommodation options, for instance, then you’ll start to save a surprising amount of money.

For the likes of holidays, this excess cash is certainly welcome. Yet, even for simple trips, any money saved is a general advantage. Money is scarce these days, so being able to hold on to what you really helps you stretch your money further on any income.

So, whether it’s renting a car instead of owning one, or considering different accommodation, there are a few options open to anyone who’s willing to try something different and bring down their expenses as a result.