Brits head to Turkey as tourism booms

Ranked the sixth most visited country in the world by the UN World Tourism Organisation, Turkey Holidays are becoming increasingly popular with worldwide travellers. Given the current economic climate, it comes as no surprise that more and more tourists are choosing to travel to Turkey, thanks to its affordable lifestyle, lively culture and pristine beaches.

Sandwiched between Greece and Georgia, Turkey is often considered to be the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is famous for its lively Mediterranean culture and natural beauty. The picturesque Turquoise Coast is just what you’d expect – endless white sand beaches, luxury resorts and relaxing gulet cruises. With Dalman holidays more affordable than ever, there’s no time like the present to escape a cold winter and set sail along the Turkish coast.

The boom in Turkey’s popularity is largely due to countries such as Germany, Russia and the UK. In 2011, 2.6 million British tourists travelled to Turkey, with figures expected to rise even more this year – 2 million Brits had already visited the country by September 2012.

So just why are UK travellers flocking to Turkey? Compared to its European counterparts, Turkey offers all the postcard-worthy views and idyllic holiday lifestyle, but minus the hefty price tag associated with hotspots like Paris, Rome and the Greek Islands. With UNESCO heritage sites nestled amongst seaside villages, Turkey is full of historic charm – the impressive array of mosques are legendary masterpieces; the ancient cities full of local life; the centuries-old ruins largely left untouched.

Whether it’s a family holiday or a romantic rendezvous, Turkey has something for everyone, and every budget. To the west, Bodrum sits on the pristine Aegean Coast and is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Aside from the crystal clear waters, you can also find one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, a tomb built in 350BC. Shopping is abundant, and haggling for bargains a given.

A little further south sits Dalaman – a region filled with mud baths, ancient ruins and traditional cruises. A popular destination for British sun seekers, Dalaman offers a luxury lifestyle with affordable prices. The ever-popular gulet cruises are a unique way to take in the Turkish Riveria. A single-mast wooden ship, a gulet cruise allows you to sit back, relax and let the crew do the hard work. Indulge in fresh seafood, sunbake the day away and take a dip in the turquoise waters.

So whatever is on your Turkish itinerary, you’re sure to have an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime holiday – after all, 2.6 million Brits can’t be wrong.