British Airways Announces New Short Distance Routes

British Airways, a UK-based airline, has recently launched three new short-distance services from London Heathrow Airport.

The airline is offering a new service from London Heathrow Terminal 1 to Leeds Bradford airport, commencing from December 9, 2012. The new service, with up to four flights a day, will be connecting Yorkshire with the widespread international route network from London Heathrow airport.

The new service to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is also commencing on December 9, 2012, with the airline offering three flights per day departing from London Heathrow Terminal 1. The other new service is to Zagreb in Croatia, also commencing on December 9, 2012, and the daily flights will also operate from London Heathrow Terminal 1.

The new routes are being offered as a result of 42 slots becoming available at London Heathrow Airport through the airline’s parent company, IAG, following its acquisition of Bmi, another UK based airline.

British Airways has recently commenced its new route from London Heathrow Airport to Seoul Incheon Airport, in South Korea, from December 2, 2012.

The airline has also recently upgraded its ‘In-flight Entertainment Experience British Airways’ on its long-distance aircraft.

The entertainment experience will vary with the type of aircraft, although most will be offering a wide range of content that will be available from boarding to arrival at the destination.

However, with the new safety regulations in place, the airline’s passengers will only be able to use the headsets provided by the airline for taxi, takeoff and landing. For passengers in First and Club World and the front row seats, screens will have to be stowed away during takeoff and landing, but they can still enjoy the audio transmissions.