Flybe Announces Automatic Check-In For Passengers

Flybe, a UK-based airline company, is the first UK carrier to offer an automatic check-in option to its passengers.

The facility is available for passengers booking online, and they will receive an electronic boarding pass through their smart phone or e-mail, between 36 and 15 hours preceding their flight’s departure.

This means that passengers can be confident in the knowledge that at the point of booking their flight, they have already arranged to be checked in automatically, and are on their way.

The full facility is currently being launched at nine airports in the UK; Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Jersey, London Gatwick, Manchester and Southampton, while another 17 airports will be offering automated e-mail check-in only, for travel from December 11, 2012.

Simon Lilley, the airline’s director of marketing, said, ‘This is the next step in our commitment to ‘Make flying better’, and we are delighted to have become the first airline in the UK to offer this slick time-saving benefit for our passengers.

When you book your flight on our website and choose the automatic check-in option we automatically check you in and send your electronic boarding pass to you 36 -15 hours prior to departure – we do it all for you. Plus for those that choose the SMS option, all they will simply need to show is their phone to pass through security and board the plane.

We are confident many of our passengers will take advantage of this innovative new product and enjoy it as yet another positive step Flybe has taken towards ‘Making flying better’ for our passengers at all stages of their journey with us.’