New London Heathrow Shopping Experiences for Christmas

London Heathrow Airport has launched two new shopping services for Christmas.

The offers include an online shopping experience, named ‘Heathrow Boutique’, for passengers to browse and book purchases before they arrive at the airport, currently live at The other shopping experience on offer is a home delivery, named ‘Heathrow delivered’ for passengers who would like to have their purchases delivered complimentary to any UK mainland residential address.

A recent study has revealed that around 41% of passengers at London Heathrow airport travel through the airport to visit friends and families during Christmas, and hence, the airport is often a place where they shop.

Nick Adderley, the marketing and insight director at Heathrow airport, said, ‘December is a special time at the airport – more than any other time of the year, Christmas is the time Heathrow brings people together. We have done a lot of work to make every journey better for our passengers, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas touches our airport with surprises and treats for everyone.’

Other holiday activities and services offered by the airport to passengers during the Christmas period are family lanes in security; ‘Kids eat free’ offers; and carol singers and chocolate treat giveaways for children.

London Heathrow airport has reported higher retail sales compared to any airport worldwide, very much ahead of Incheon Airport in South Korea, which ranks second.

Gross retail sales at Heathrow in 2011 stood at around £1.7bn, compared to £1.5bn reported in 2010; while net retail income per passenger increased by 5.3% in 2011, to £4.35, from £4.13 in 2010.