British Airways provides iPads to pilots for improved efficiency

UK based British Airways is offering iPads to its 3,600 pilots to improve its customer service.

The airline is investing around £5bn on new products, and equipping its ground and flying crew with iPads as part of the initiative to increase operational efficiency.

The iPads are intended to offer pilots access to real-time operational data, which can be shared with ground crew and which will allow pilots to plan efficient flights before departure.

The iPad connectivity will also allow the airline’s pilots to provide passengers with more accurate flight information, as well as offering them a more customised flight service by being aware of their preferences.

The airline director of flight operations, Captain Stephen Riley, said, ‘As pilots we want to deliver a safe and memorable experience for each and every British Airways customer, on every single flight.

The iPads will help us to achieve this goal by giving us the means to provide a more personalised service and share more timely flight information with our customers and colleagues.’

Meanwhile, the airline is gearing up to manage its busiest day of the season tomorrow, December 21, when around 111,000 travellers are expected to board flights for their Christmas journeys. The airline also expects Christmas day to be busy, with around 31,000 people scheduled to fly to the airline’s various destinations.

Between today and January 7, 2013, around 1.6 million people are expected to fly with the airline from its network of 175 global destinations, and the airline expects to serve its passengers around 60,000 mince pies on long-haul flights from Heathrow Airport, topped with one tonne of single cream.