Heathrow Offering Services of London 2012 Volunteers to Deal with Christmas Rush

With Christmas travelling in full swing at all UK airports, London 2012 volunteers have returned to London Heathrow airport to help the passengers tide over the rush hour of today, which is likely to see around 123,000 passengers departing from various airport terminals.

The London 2012 volunteers had earlier helped passengers at London Heathrow Airport during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The volunteering initiative reaped rich dividends during the period, when the airport recorded its customer rated best performances for July arrivals and August departures. 150 volunteers are currently back at the airport to help out with the rush of the holiday traffic.

Acknowledging the contribution of the volunteers, Normand Boivin, the airport chief operating officer, said, ‘Christmas is a special time for Heathrow, as our passengers travel to make connections with loved ones. I am particularly delighted to welcome back our London 2012 volunteers who were such a great success during the Games.’

The volunteers are currently working at airport terminals helping passengers and offering fun packs to children, and reminding them about restrictions over carrying certain items, like crackers.

This month also sees the airport’s Secret Santa campaign offering passengers daily surprise gifts including six Apple iPads, 12 Hamley’s teddy bears, 100 fragrances by Lady Gaga and an electric scooter by Lacoste; as well as chocolates, and craft sessions for children.

Nancy Baines, a 19-year-old volunteer at the airport, said, ‘Everyone is really grateful and appreciative of our help. So many passengers have said that they wish we were here all year round to help. I think it’s great to be at Heathrow as a volunteer – I am having a lot of festive fun and have learnt some really useful skills.’