Travelsupermarket Announces New Brand Promotion in UK

Travelsupermarket, a UK-based online travel company, has announced a new campaign that will be promoting summer holiday bookings.

The company is introducing a new TV and radio advertising campaign, to promote its new look for British customers, along with a new sunshine logo and an iPhone app.

Vic Darvey, the head of travelsupermarket, said, ‘The new campaign and visual identity was borne out of the insight that while times are really tight for families, our annual summer holiday is something we all cherish and will not sacrifice.

We also know that holiday resorts are fighting hard to win the custom of British families and there are some great deals to be had.

Holiday vs. Holiday’ lays down the challenge to families everywhere – go on, find out just how far your money can take you.

travelsupermarket is the travel site which offers people in the UK all the tools they need when they’re dreaming of their summer holiday and want to find the very best one for their family.’

The new TV advertisement focuses on a ‘Holiday vs. Holiday’ theme, where popular holiday destinations compete with each other for the attention of British holidaymaker. The advertising campaign airs on all major commercial stations in the UK, and the new logo represents the British love for sunnier destinations.

The company is offering two and three nights break to European cities for prices commencing from £189, for travel commencing from January 2013. Self catering holidays to the Algarve, in Portugal, are on offer for £202 per person for two adults for one week commencing the first week of July 2013; while holidays to the Costa De Sol are available for £206 per person for a week in July 2013, for two adults, both inclusive of airfares.