British Travellers Prefer to Revisit Holiday Destinations

An increasing number of British travellers prefer to visit the same destination for their holidays, rather than experimenting with new ones.

In a recent survey conducted by Cheapflights Media, a UK-based online travel company, around 39 percent of British travellers questioned reported visiting the same resort year after year, while 20 percent reported eating the same meals, and 14.2 percent even reported being served by the same waiter.

Around 80 percent of those surveyed said that they are likely to visit the same holiday destination more than once, according to the survey.

So why do British travellers return to the same holiday destinations every year? When the survey asked a similar question, the most cited reason was that it was ‘just the best holiday I’ve ever found’, followed by good prices, and great weather.

British travellers have named the UK (24.2 percent), the US (17.2 percent), Spain (14 percent), France (7.9 percent) and Italy (4.8 percent) as the top five destinations that they visit repeatedly.

Explaining the results, chartered psychologist, Dr Jane McCartney, said, ‘Most of us are creatures of habit; it is not unnatural for us to want to know what we are doing, when we are doing it-and with whom. However, as in many things, balance is crucial. Choosing a holiday destination is an excellent way of trying out something new and different-and stepping outside your normal patterns of behaviour.’

Encouraging people to explore more, Cheapflights travel expert, Oonagh Shiel, said, ‘If you’re a little too familiar with that balcony view-or you’ve been on first name terms with your holiday waiter for a few years now, perhaps it’s time to give each other a break and look at some other options-and swap your destination deja vu for something new.

Whether you fancy a beach holiday, a spot of culture or some new gastronomic delights, there are some great reasons to break out of your regular holiday habits this year.’