Heathrow Airport Collaborates with London Philharmonic Orchestra

London Heathrow Airport is partnering with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to offer a musical experience to travellers using the airport.

The orchestra will be playing in the departure areas of the airport terminals, with a range of unique performances throughout the coming year.

Recent research conducted by the airport has shown that around 25 percent of passengers feel tense before a flight, and around 48 percent of passengers listen to music to help them unwind in their daily lives. The new initiative is intended to provide relaxing music to nervous passengers before a flight.

Carol Stokes, the head of passenger experience at Heathrow Airport, said, ‘Passengers tell us that they love live music. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with the London Philharmonic Orchestra during 2013. The LPO’s series of live terminal concerts will make the journey through Heathrow even better – more relaxed, more vibrant and so much more memorable.’

Dr Harry Witchel, a Senior Physiologist at Brighton and Sussex medical school and editor of a music psychology book, said that music ‘profoundly effects people’s mood and is very strongly correlated with a feeling that it is special.’

The London Philharmonic Orchestra makes regular international tours and will be performing their traditional repertoire, as well as newer pieces, with passion and energy, for the airport audience.

Helen Searl, the corporate relations manager for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, said, ‘We loved seeing the look on people’s faces when we performed at Heathrow during the Olympics and Christmas last year, we don’t think they were expecting a 20 piece orchestra to greet them at check in. We are delighted to be asked back to play for passengers in this unique and exciting location.’