Remain Careful on Roads in Freezing Winter Conditions, Advices Car Rental Companies

With January temperatures in the UK freezing, travellers using the roads have to be doubly careful while driving on treacherous terrain.

-Here are some winter driving tips:

-Keep time in hand for long distance drives, to avoid unnecessary hurries.

-Slow down in icy conditions for better control of the car, and allow longer distances to brake.

-Control skidding on ice by releasing the accelerator, and not braking.

-Be careful of shaded roads, which may hide icy road conditions.

-Wear sunglasses to avoid being blinded by the sun reflected on ice.

-Remain extra vigilant on roads and look out for pedestrians and cyclists, who could be experiencing similar difficulties.

In response, Europcar is urging motorists to think about the option of hiring a suitable car instead of relying on driving their own vehicle, for extra peace of mind.

Ken McCall, the managing director of Europcar UK Group, a company offering car hire services in Europe, said, ‘Driving conditions are more challenging during colder weather, with the risk of snow, fog and ice. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be driving a car in which you have confidence.

We are, therefore, encouraging people doing longer journeys over the winter months to think about car hire from Europcar. It offers travellers the assurance that they are in a reliable vehicle that has been fully maintained with all essential items, such as tyres, regularly checked. Plus Europcar vehicles are fully covered by 24 hour roadside assistance, at no extra cost.’

Car hire companies are offering vehicles that are de-iced and doubly checked for safety standards, with qualified staff members offering tips to handle a rented vehicle in difficult driving conditions for visitors to the UK.

Ken McCall says, ‘Our goal at Europcar is to give motorists the very best quality vehicles, ensuring they can drive confidently and safely in any weather. We are, therefore, well prepared for the next few weeks with good availability of vehicles right across the country.’