Cyprus Announces New Campaign to Attract UK Travellers

Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), the agency that promotes tourism to the Mediterranean island, has commenced an advertising campaign to attract UK visitors to the country.

The agency has launched a spring advertising campaign, ‘Cyprus in Your Heart’, promoting the island as a haven for both leisure holidaymakers and adventure seekers.

Orestis Rossides, the director of the CTO office in London, said, ‘Advertising activity during this period usually proves very effective in inspiring visitors to book their getaways early, as holidaymakers look for sun-drenched destinations to counterbalance the grey skies of a British winter.

Now, with our new and improved campaign, we aim to delight the British public across the TV and radio air waves as well as taxis – all proven tools to effectively convey messages to a large audience.’

British holidaymakers play a very important role in Cyprus tourism, with around one million of them visiting the nation every year. UK holidaymakers accounted for around 43 percent of the international visitors to the island nation in 2011, next to Russian (14 percent) and German (6 percent) visitors.

The country benefits from around 300 days of sunshine a year, making it a very popular travel destination for UK visitors. It also has several sandy beaches, as well as providing opportunities to savour the rich history and cultural influence of ancient Egyptian, Byzantine, Greek and Roman civilisations for its visitors. The Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th century frescoes are among the favourite tourist attractions for international visitors to the country.