Redfern Announces New Taxi Service

Redfern Travel, a UK based travel management company, has launched a new taxi booking service.

The company is offering the service in a partnership with UK based taxi, private hire and executive car services provider,

Mark Bowers, the joint chief executive officer of Redfern, said, ‘What we have created with Cabfind is essentially a GDS for taxis by pulling together different providers across the UK. It’s just for UK taxis although potentially it could be introduced overseas.

It works from postcode to postcode and is designed as an end-to-end solution. We focused on the UK because we have the central government contract for employees who travel predominantly in the UK.

The new facility also searches for the best available train ticket and best value accommodation for the entire trip.

The system not only saves them time and money, it can now help them better manage their taxi spend. The days of ringing five different cab companies, trying to police taxi use and collecting receipts are long gone.’

The partnership is offering the new cab booking option to clients through its Trips tool. The new service allows travellers to reserve cabs across the whole of the UK, and is intended to make it easier to plan journeys from their homes to a station or airport, as well as to their meeting or event.

Redfern Travel will be launching its newest version of the Trips online booking tool and integrated travel portal, at the 2013 Business Travel Show, to be held in London on February 7 and 8, 2013.