Finnair Announces Additional Flights for Easter

Finnair, a Finland-based airline, has announced additional flights to continental Europe for the Easter holidays.

The airline is offering extra flights from March 22 to April 2, 2013, to several European destinations. Around 30 extra flights are planned to meet the heavy demand for city breaks. Most of the additional flights are scheduled for destinations in Spain, with eight flights to Malaga, seven to Barcelona and four to Madrid.

The airline is also offering five additional flights to Amsterdam during the period, as well as extra connections to Nice, Krakow, Ljubljana and Dubrovnik. The airline is planning to operate its fleet of Airbus 319 and 321 aircraft for the service.

The airline had previously announced new destinations and frequencies for the summer season from March 31 to October 26, 2013. The new flight destinations include Antalya in Turkey, Tel Aviv in Israel, and Palma de Mallorca in Spain. The airline is also expanding its services to Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid, in Spain.

From June 5, 2013, flights to Palma de Mallorca will be offered twice a week, and will be connected to domestic, Baltic and flights to St Petersburg, in Russia.

The new summer connections to Asia include three flights per week to Hanoi, in Vietnam, from June 15, 2013, and three flights per week to Xi’an, in China, from June 14, 2013.

Other summer schedule additions include four weekly flights to Dubrovnik, Ljubljana and Krakow, more than the number offered last year.