Thomson likely to delay Dreamliner Launch

Thomson Airways might be forced to introduce contingency plans if the scheduled launch of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner service has to be delayed due to technical issues.

The airline had intended to commence its Dreamliner service in May this year, but technical checks that are currently being carried out on the aircraft in Japan and the USA have led to the 50 Dreamliner’s that are currently in service around the globe being grounded because of safety issues.

Thomson has yet to be given a delivery date by Boeing for its first Dreamliner, which is just one of 800 orders that are currently suspended awaiting the outcome of the safety checks. The airline had intended to use the aircraft on flights to Mexico and Florida.

In a statement on the issue, Thomson Airways said, ‘We appreciate that there are many customers who are looking forward to flying on the Dreamliner but unfortunately these circumstances are out of our control.Once we have finalised our contingency plans we will contact customers whose flights may be affected.’

Doubts about the aircraft’s safety arose when a Japan Airline 787 Dreamliner was forced to land following a fire in its on-board battery. Subsequent technical checks on the causes are believed to be veering away from the fault being with the battery itself, but rather the electrical system that monitors its charging, voltage and temperature.

Boeing has been promoting the Dreamliner as the first airliner to offer mid-size airplane capabilities on long-distance routes, and while cooperating with the investigations, they remain confident of the aircraft’s safety.