More in-flight entertainment from British Airways

British Airways, a UK-based air carrier, is to extend the amount of in-flight entertainment on offer to its passengers.

The company, a subsidiary of International Airlines Group, is to provide customers on more of its long-haul services with the opportunity of watching more television and film based content from the moment that they take their seat on the airplane until the moment that they disembark. BA’s extended in-flight entertainment program is now being added to services to Almaty, Amman, Baku, Beirut, Cairo and Tel Aviv.

The move is an extension of the boarding to disembarkation total entertainment package that the company introduced on several of its routes last year, and it means that on an average five hour flight, passengers can benefit from screened entertainment for about an extra hour. It is a departure from the recognised system of only commencing entertainment after the aircraft has taken off and the obligatory announcements have been made, and turning the service off again as much as 20 minutes before the aircraft lands.

Passengers can view the entertainment that BA provides on screens that are either 15.5 inches wide or 8.9 inches wide, in Club World and World Traveller cabins respectively, aboard the company’s fleet of Airbus A321 aircraft.

British Airways’ director of brands and customer experience, Frank van der Post, said, ‘We know how much our customers enjoy our carefully selected in-flight entertainment so we’re delighted that packing in more programmes and films will be possible for even more of our customers. We’re always looking to innovate with new products and services to make travelling with British Airways even more enjoyable and relaxing.’

BA is investing £5 billion in new aircraft, refurbished cabins and improved lounges, and the extension to the in-flight entertainment programme is part of that investment.