Survey reveals dissatisfaction among UK travel and tourism workers

A survey that investigated the level of job satisfaction among workers in the tourism and travel industry has revealed that UK workers are among the least satisfied.

The survey, which was carried out by Progressive Personnel, a worldwide travel recruitment agency with its UK headquarters in London, reported that 71 percent of UK staff in the travel industry consider themselves to be underpaid, while nearly 80 percent are keen to change jobs. Almost a third of those questioned saw their future outside the travel and tourism industry, compared to a figure of just 18 percent worldwide.

Staff in the UK were not quite as dissatisfied with their current employer as those polled by Progressive Personnel in Asia, where 83 percent were keen to move jobs but less than 10 percent were considering leaving the industry.

According to the study, ‘UK staff seem most dissatisfied overall, with 72 percent feeling underpaid, 79.4 percent wanting to change jobs and 31.6 percent looking to move industry.’

Employers were also polled worldwide, and their opinion of the adequacy of their staff remuneration was predictably at odds with their workers, with 90 percent saying that employees were fairly compensated. They were also generally optimistic about the future, with over 75 percent of those that responded to the survey saying that they intended to recruit within the next three months, and less than half reporting that the recession had impacted on their recruitment plans.

With the travel and tourism industry expecting massive growth over the coming years, the survey predicts that it will employ over 120 million workers worldwide by 2020, compared with the 98 million that the industry employed in 2011.