App allows travellers international phone usage at no extra charge

Travellers can now make and receive phone calls in foreign countries at no extra charge with the installation of a new app.

Users of i-pod touch, smartphones and tablets will be able to access free roaming after downloading the i-mobb app, which is available at Once the app has been installed, the user’s device makes and receives calls as if it was operating in its home country.

The app is currently available to users based in eight countries: U.S.A., Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Canada, Japan, and Netherlands. It assigns the user with a number in their country of origin and then provides unlimited calls to that country. Users can also register a phone number from the country that they are visiting.

i-mobb contracts can be as short as one week, and once the user has customised their own plan they receive an e-mail with all of the relevant information, including their new local phone number, access to a local voicemail inbox, and download instructions for their particular device. Users have control of their contact lists and can access incoming messages while travelling.

The company’s CEO, Bernard Drai, said, ‘Staying in touch with friends and business contacts while travelling is more important than ever in today’s world, but roaming charges and poor service can make communication difficult. i-Mobb’s convenient and affordable plans are the perfect solution to this problem. Customers can download our app before a major trip and travel with peace of mind. With i-Mobb, they’ll be able to make and receive any calls using a Wi-Fi connection, thereby avoiding roaming charges completely.’

The service is reliant on a wi-fi connection.