Launch of Little Lobster powered by Lobster Experience

If your looking for a website that will bring you exquisite small hotel jewels and luxury tourism products worldwide, then head to new website Little Lobster.

Little Lobster is especially devoted to the hidden gems that we are passionate about and want to promote in the German speaking markets. While Lobster Experience acts like an own sales office and takes care of all sales and marketing strategies, we are focused solely on targeted marketing activities. Through our experience and expertise within the luxury travel sector we raise awareness of our exclusive Little Lobster collection.

Our vision is to ease your treasure hunt for hidden gems and exciting tourism products. Our website offers you breathtaking pictures, crisp information and a link leads you on the direct website of our exclusive clients. Accompany us on an expedition to the hidden gems of the world and we promise that your heart beat will get faster.

Astrid Oberhummer, hotel expert and industry insider, has been working successfully in the luxury hotel sector for over 20 years. In 1998, she established Unique Experiences Touristik GmbH as Managing Director and successfully promoted and positioned such renowned hotels like Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles and The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida.

In 2007 Astrid Oberhummer and Andreas Mueller, Management Consultant and IT expert decided to set up their own company. Thus Lobster Experience GmbH&Co. KG was founded in June 2007 and Astrid Oberhummer and Andreas Mueller became Owners and Managing Directors of the successful company. The company name is a charming reference to the surname of Astrid Oberhummer, which translates into top lobster and can certainly also be linked to the animal itself, which is known as “the knight of the seas”.

Already two years later a branch office in Vienna opened up, which is responsible for 14 central and eastern European countries. Today the company has 20 internal and external employees, who are devoted to marketing and sales activities, as well as trade fairs, events, web design, crisis management and market analysis.

In the last few years Astrid Oberhummer and Andreas Mueller have realized on one hand an increasing demand from the travel trade for small exclusive niche hotels, and on the other hand the need from niche hotels to be present in the German speaking markets. As a result the subsidiary company Little Lobster was founded with the goal to present and promote these niche hotels in the German speaking markets.