Jet2 agrees to use alternative Belfast runway

Jet2, a low cost airline based at Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK, has agreed to resume flights to Belfast International airport after being offered the use of an alternative runway.

The airline had suspended flights to the airport from Monday this week over safety concerns relating to the operational runway’s maintenance programme. The airport confirmed that a aircraft had reported engine problems on three occasions, but denied that there was any evidence connecting this with work on the runway. Despite the Civil Aviation Authority’s assertion that the airport was safe, and the fact that no other airline had suspended flights, Jet2 rerouted its flights to George Best Belfast city airport and City of Derry airport.

The company has resumed its Belfast International flights following an agreement that it can use the airport’s alternative runway, and it has issued a website statement that reads, ‘Following our decision to temporarily suspend operations at Belfast international airport, due to safety concerns during the current maintenance programme on the main runway, we have today (Tuesday) come to an agreement with the airport that we will now operate all our flights using the alternative North/South runway. This will take effect from Wednesday 10th April, until further notice.

‘This decision follows close consultation with the airport and a detailed safety assessment conducted today. All our customers due to travel from Belfast international this week should go to the airport as normal.

‘We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused however the safety of our customers is of paramount importance and we will not operate from Belfast international airport’s main runway until the resurfacing has finished.’