Security ramped up for London marathon following Boston bombings

The London marathon, a major tourism event for the UK’s capital city, is to be subject to an increased security presence following a suspected terrorist attack on yesterday’s Boston marathon in the USA.

The London marathon is due to take place this coming Sunday, but fears that the attack on the Boston event, which killed three people and injured 130, could be the beginning of an international terror campaign, will guarantee heightened security in London. Two bombs were detonated in quick succession near to the race finishing line in Boston at 2.50pm local time yesterday.

Marathon events provide a challenge for security forces, with courses that cover large areas of the host city making them difficult to police. Spectators at the London event will be asked to be especially vigilant and to immediately report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Commenting on the Boston bombing, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned of possible travel disruption as a result and issued a statement saying, ‘At least two explosions took place close to the finishing line of the Boston marathon, causing many injuries. You should exercise vigilance and caution, monitoring local media and following the advice of local authorities. If in the affected area you should let family and friends know you are safe. Additional information can be obtained through the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.’

Six flights are scheduled to depart Heathrow airport for Boston today, carrying a total of 2,000 passengers. British Airways has already said that for the next three days passengers on its Boston flights will be allowed to switch to an alternative US destination.