Increase in reserved seats from Ryanair

Ryanair, the Ireland-based low cost airline, has announced that it is increasing the number of seats that can be reserved on its flights.

Following the airline’s success in initially offering six rows of seats per flight that passengers can pay to reserve, and in a move that narrows the margins between the services offered by budget airlines and full-service airlines still further, Ryanair has added rows 32 and 33 to its premium reserved seat service. With eight rows now available to book, 45 passengers per flight will be able to select their preferred seats.

Dependant on the length of flight, the seat reservation service either costs £10.00 or £15.00 each way, and passengers can either opt to add the supplement to their booking when initially arranging their flight on or when checking-in on line. For the additional payment, passengers not only get to choose where they sit, but also benefit from priority boarding. The reserved seats are at the front and rear of the aircraft to allow ease of access when boarding or exiting, over the wings where more legroom is available, and now that four successive rows will be available, larger groups of travellers will be able to ensure that they are sitting together.

A Ryanair spokesman commented, ‘Since November, Ryanair passengers have been able to reserve their preferred seats across six rows – at the front of the aircraft for a prompt exit on arrival, at over-wing exits for extra legroom, and on rows five and 15 – which has proven extremely popular, especially with families, groups and those on business travel. Ryanair is pleased to extend our reserved seat service to an additional two rows, 32 and 33, which are bookable now for travel on all routes, meaning even greater choice for all Ryanair passengers.’