‘Just You’ to renew efforts in single traveller market

The ‘Just You’ tour operator brand aimed at single travellers is to be re-launched by All Leisure Group, a holiday company based in West Sussex, UK.

All Leisure Group, which has also been the owner of Page and Moy Travel Group since May last year, is re-launching ‘Just You’ in order to capitalise on the growing market for single travellers. Promoting the company will be part of the remit of three recently appointed sales executives who will also be on the road promoting All Leisure’s cruises and escorted tours.

Colin Wilson, All Leisure’s group sales director, was quoted by Travel Weekly, saying, ‘Singles travellers are serial bookers. I don’t think the trade has latched on to the singles market yet. We believe it’s a huge untapped market.’

Commenting on the company’s current market research programme for the Just You brand, Wilson added, ‘We are doing face-to-face interviews and asking what people want from the brand. We will launch the new look and feel with the new 2014 programme.’

Depending on the findings of the market research, Just You is likely to offer greater diversity to the single traveller when it reopens this September, with the group’s traditional strength in the cruise market likely to feature strongly in its singles offerings.

The company has already highlighted that women currently provide the majority of its singles bookings, and it is aware that initiatives to tap the market for more single males could offer an immediate bonus if successful.

‘We’re looking to bring more men to the brand,’ Wilson confirmed.