Easyjet offers course to aerophobics

Easyjet, a low-cost airline based at Luton Airport in the UK, has announced that it is to launch a course to help those affected by the fear of flying in an aeroplane, sometimes known as aerophobia.

The company’s Fearless Flyer course is intended to help sufferers of the condition to overcome their fear, and Lawrence Leyton, the host of the ‘Fear of Flying’ programme on Channel 4, will lead the venture. His presence is likely to be a key attraction for those who enrol on the course, due to his televised success in helping other aerophobics.

The course is being held in Watford tomorrow and will last approximately 3 hours. It will be followed by a specially arranged flight from London Luton Airport this Saturday, May 18, to provide course attendees with a practical situation for them to apply the techniques to overcome their phobia.

The full course, including the flight from Luton Airport, will cost £179 per person, and there is a charge of £69 per person for companions on the flight.

The fear of flying can be a debilitating condition for sufferers, and their inability to fly can potentially hold them back from advancement in their careers and be a restrictive influence on selecting family holidays. One high profile sufferer of the condition was Dennis Bergkamp, a former professional footballer and Dutch international player who is currently assistant manager at Ajax. He was reportedly forced to miss a number of overseas matches due to his phobia.

In its severest form, the fear of flying can induce panic attacks and vomiting in its victims.