Survey says 65 percent of Brits planning UK summer break

A survey has revealed that 65 percent of British holidaymakers are planning to take a summer break in the UK this year.

The survey, which was carried out by budget hotel chain, Travelodge, polled around 3,000 individuals and discovered that a greater percentage of them intended taking a UK-based holiday this year compared to last year. The UK’s poor prevailing weather conditions in recent times might have been expected to dampen holidaymaker’s enthusiasm for a domestic break, but with the credit crunch still biting, the lower costs associated with staying in Britain will also have had an influence.

This year’s percentage of those choosing a home holiday was certainly an improvement on last year’s 41 percent and the previous year’s 35 percent, according to the on-going research. The prediction will come as a welcome boost to the UK tourism industry, since it will increase the tourism spend by £3.3 billion compared to last year, and provide a grand total of £12 billion.

The survey also found that 42 percent of those holidaying in the UK would do so for one week, 15 percent will take a two-week break, and 33 percent will split their holiday into a number of shorter breaks. Also, the seaside does not appear to hold the attraction for British holidaymakers that it used to, with just 22 percent opting for a coastal holiday, compared with 27 percent that preferred a rural break, while city breaks achieved the top spot with a 31 percent preference. London was the top single destination over all.

Grant Hearn, chief executive for Travelodge, said, ‘The staycation trend, accelerating to record levels and boosting our economy by £12 billion this year, is a very welcome sign, and hopefully this is the start of our 2012 Olympics legacy gain. During 2012, our capital city was showcased in its true glory to all corners of the UK and the world, and it’s a great result that London has been crowned as the top staycation destination for 2013.’