Heathrow report says new hub would mean job losses

A report compiled by the owners of Heathrow airport, Heathrow Airport Holdings, has warned of massive job losses if a new airport hub in the Thames Estuary gets the go ahead.

Instead of the alternative airport option, Heathrow’s management is promoting the addition of a third runway at Heathrow; an option that it claims would be ‘cheaper, quicker and better for the economy.’

In support of its claims, the airport has commissioned a report that it intends to present to the UK Aviation Commission, the body that is looking into the options for expanding London’s aviation capacity. In the report, Heathrow warns that building an alternative airport would result in the redundancy or relocation of the 76,000 workers that are currently employed at Heathrow, as the facility would be almost certain to close.

Colin Matthews, the Heathrow chief executive, commented on the possible expansion of Heathrow, saying that it would ‘put Britain ahead in the global race, connecting UK business to growth more quickly and at less cost to the taxpayer than any other option for new capacity.’

He added that the airport was ‘better located for passengers, business and jobs.’

The speed with which Heathrow could benefit from its expansion was also an issue that Matthews cited, saying that it could be in operation 7 years sooner than a completely new airport.

He said, ‘Why build from scratch at a new hub when we can build on the strength that already exists around Heathrow today?’

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, supports the new airport option.