Troops prepared for Egyptian protests

Troops have been deployed in several of Egypt’s major cities ahead of protest demonstrations that are planned for the weekend.

Protestors are demanding that the country’s president, Mohamed Morsi, leaves the office that he has occupied for the last year. He made a speech marking his first year in office in which he admitted having made mistakes and offered a say in amending the country’s new constitution to his opponents. Ahead of the speech, violent clashes broke out between the government’s supporters and opponents in the northern city of Mansoura, in which two people were killed and one hundred and seventy were injured, the BBC was reportedly told by an Egyptian Health Ministry official.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the government department responsible for the welfare of British citizens overseas, has issued a warning to travellers to the country, saying, ‘A series of large protests are planned for Cairo, Alexandria and other Egyptian cities from June 25 onwards. Exercise caution at potentially sensitive locations such as government buildings, police stations, security directorates, political party offices, military barracks, the vicinity of Tahrir Square, the presidential palace and the Mokkatam area in Cairo. Do not attempt to cross roadblocks erected by demonstrators, or the security forces. Monitor travel advice updates and the local media for further information.’

The FCO added that of the million British travellers that visit Egypt each year, most have a trouble-free experience.

The recently appointed governor of Luxor was forced to step down in the last few days, following opposition to his appointment by parties that were critical of his alleged membership of a militant organisation.