Britons clueless about the real value of essential toiletry bag, says Travelodge

Over 80 percent of Britons are clueless about the actual value of their essential toiletry bag, according to a holiday survey.

A new report by Travelodge has revealed that 82 percent of the respondents did not know the contents of an average toiletry bag were worth £156.69. The research, which surveyed 3,000 British adults, was conducted as the hotel chain witnessed a rise in the number of toiletry bags being left behind at its 521 hotels.

The average adult estimated their wash bag, with contents, was worth £52.23. However, in reality, the bag of essentials is actually worth nearly three times more.

The survey also found that 52 percent of people typically carry two toiletry bags, one that they will use whilst travelling and the other bag they use daily at home, at the gym or at work. A third of women surveyed (34 percent) stated their toiletry bag is the most important item on a travel or vacation, while a fifth of women, 20 percent, admitted they purchase more expensive toiletry items for a holiday.

The study also analysed the beauty regimes and habits of British men and women.

The image-conscious Britons spend over £14 billion on toiletry products each year, and it is not just women who overspend. Half the men (49 percent) who responded to the survey said that they have set aside soap and water in favour of a more sophisticated daily beauty regime for cleansing, toning and using anti-ageing skin care products, while one in four (25 percent) male respondents even said that they overspend on premium brands that are usually used by women.

One in five, or 20 percent of women do not mind spending £50 on anti-ageing creams and admit to owning 10 different bottles of expensive perfume.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman said, ‘I think the main reason why so many Britons are clueless to the actual value of their toiletry bag is due to the fact that most adults purchase their toiletry essentials on an ad-hoc basis.

‘It’s very rare that you would go out and purchase all items in one go therefore you don’t really know the exact total cost as you have brought the items individually.’

The study also revealed the rise of the metrosexual, as men spend more time getting ready to go out than women. On average men spend 81 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes. In contrast, women have their beauty regime completed in just 75 minutes.

The average toiletry bag calculation:
Toiletry Bag £16.50
Electric Toothbrush £50.00
Toothpaste £2.00
Deodorant £2.00
Shampoo £2.50
Moisturiser £10.00
Hairbrush £5.50
Razor £5.00
Perfume / Aftershave £27.00
Hair Conditioner £2.50
Shower gel £2.00
Facial Wash £3.00
Hair styling products £10.00
Body Cream £5.00
Dental floss £2.00
Cleanser £5.00
Mouth wash £3.50
Facial wipes £3.00
Cotton Buds £1.50
Nail clippers £3.50
Pain killers £2.00

Total £156.69

The toiletry items that men regularly borrow from their partners without asking prior permission include moisturiser, hand cream, hair conditioner, perfume, body butter, anti aging serum, night cream etc.