London Luton Airport launches mobile optimised website

London Luton Airport, one of the UK’s largest airports, has launched a mobile optimised version of its website,, responding to the needs of users wanting to view the site on their smart phones.

Designed and developed by a leading UK mobile marketing company, Incentivated, the new website deploys live XML feed of flight data from air traffic control and provides users with real time flight information while on the move. Using Incentivated’s phone detection API, users accessing the main website URL on their phones will be automatically re-directed to the mobile version of the site.

‘We are delighted with this great-looking mobile website. We are thrilled that it is now live, and will be able to help the thousands of passengers transiting through our airport this summer,’ said Oliver Jaycock, General Manager, Marketing for London Luton.

Maintaining brand consistency with the desktop site, the mobile website provides access to similar content as the desktop site, while ensuring that customer needs when using small screens are fully accounted for. Employing the latest responsive coding techniques, both on the device and server-side, the site content, imagery and navigation scales depending upon the screen size of the customer’s phone.

The ‘concertina’ functionality provides access to nested sub-menus enabling faster access to the website details. The use of tabbed browsing pages enables users to access different contents with a touch, providing a quicker and smoother customer browsing experience.

The website features site and content search functionality, where content can be re-organised by a single tap. The site also provides access to third party resources to help users find their way to and from the Airport and/or to National Rail by linking with Google. Again, using tabbed secondary navigation customers can switch between travel options. Customers can also book car parking in advance at the website.

It also provides a dynamic news alert banner giving headline access to important operational information and an ‘Indoor Mapping’ function on supported Android handsets. This new feature from Google enables passengers to display a map of the Airport terminal to help navigate their way around and see where various facilities, shops and restaurants are located.

Jonathan Bass, Managing Director at Incentivated: ‘We are pleased to be able to deliver this innovative mobile website for London Luton. Delivering interesting new ways of displaying and ordering content within a mobile environment has been a real challenge, as we have sought to create a differentiated mobile travel site that gives customers access to the critical information they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.’