Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner hit by further setback

Boeing Co’s 787 Dreamliner has been hit by a further setback, as wiring defects have been discovered in the fire-extinguisher system on three of its aircraft.

The fault was found on jets operated by Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA), the model’s biggest operator. The fault is likely to trigger the wrong extinguisher in the event of a blaze in one of the two engines, ANA said. The problem, the latest in a series of setbacks for Boeing’s 787, was first discovered during pre-flight maintenance of a jet at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, an ANA spokeswoman said.

Japan Airlines called back a 787 travelling from Tokyo to Helsinki to check the wiring after ANA reported the fault on Wednesday. Boeing said it was investigating the defect.

‘The safety of those flying on Boeing aeroplanes is our top priority. We will thoroughly examine this issue and take the appropriate steps,’ the company said.

Boeing’s flagship jet, which made its commercial debut in 2011, is already under scrutiny after a fire broke out on a 787 Dreamliner jet operated by Ethiopian Airlines while it was parked at Heathrow airport. The 787 had only returned to service with ANA and Japan Airlines on June 1 after battery problems grounded the entire fleet earlier this year.

US carrier, United Airlines, has also found a pinched wire during an inspection of one of its six 787s.

Boeing has since asked airlines to carry out inspections of the transmitters, and it has also asked operators of other aircraft models, the 717, Next-Generation 737, 747-400, 767 and 777, to inspect their aircraft.

According to its website, Boeing delivered 73 Dreamliners to 13 customers up until August 7, with more than 29,000 flights completed.