Bristol Airport launches campaign in Devon and Cornwall

Bristol Airport has launched a marketing campaign across Devon and Cornwall on September 2, to raise the region’s awareness of more than 100 destinations served.

The campaign, which highlights the range of routes available to passengers across the South West, comes after the significant growth in market share in the two counties, as Bristol is increasingly seen as the airport of choice in the region. Citing CAA Passenger Survey 2012 data, Bristol Airport said that its market share has risen since 2008, when it accounted for around one fifth of the market for air travel in Devon and Cornwall.

According to data from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, nearly a third (33 percent), of air journeys made by residents of Cornwall have an origin or destination at Bristol Airport, with the number even higher at 35 percent for Devon. In total, nearly one million passengers from Devon and Cornwall used Bristol Airport last year.

As part of the campaign, Bristol Airport will organise print, radio and outdoor advertising across the region. In addition, the team will also visit travel agents in both counties during the course of the week. The campaign focuses on the range of destinations available from Bristol, offering a convenient alternative to the long trip to airports in London.

Shaun Browne, aviation director at Bristol Airport, said: ‘Air connectivity is vital to people across the South West, both for business and leisure purposes. Without flights to destinations across the UK and Europe parts of our region would be cut off from the many benefits that travel brings.

‘We have seen major structural changes across the regional airport market in the UK since the economic downturn, with the South West particularly hard hit by airfield closures. Our message to people in Devon and Cornwall is that Bristol Airport can fill the gap, with a great range of routes and services which mean that you do not have to go to London when you want a foreign holiday or need to do business overseas.

‘Access from the south via the M5 is good, and links to the rail network are better than ever with our Flyer bus operating between the Airport and Bristol Temple Meads station every ten minutes at peak times.

‘Serving the wider region is an important part of our vision, both through a comprehensive outbound route network or as a gateway to overseas visitors exploring the fantastic attractions the South West has to offer.’