City Of Marseille honours Ryanair for tourism promotion, Ryanair continues low fare offers

Ryanair, an Ireland-based airline, has been recognised for its outstanding contribution to tourism in the Provence region of France.

As part of the appreciation, Ryanair’s deputy CEO and chief operating officer, Michael Cawley, was presented with the Citizen Badge of Honour from the French city of Marseille.

Reinforcing Ryanair’s commitment to tourism in the Provence region, Ryanair will carry over 1.65m passengers to/from Marseille this year, thereby sustaining 1,650 ‘on-site’ jobs at Marseille Airport.

In Marseille, Cawley said: ‘We are delighted to have been recognised in Marseille today and to receive the Citizen Badge of Honour. In just 7 years, Ryanair has carried 8.6m passengers to and from Marseille, with passengers saving over EUR1.9 billion by switching to Ryanair’s low fares over Air France’s high fares and fuel surcharges.’

Separately, as part of its ‘Monday Madness’ low fares promotion, Ryanair said that its passengers could fly from London Stansted to Oslo Rygge in December and January, starting from £14.99.

For the promotion, Ryanair has released 100,000 seats across its European network at prices starting from £14.99 for travel on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in December and January. The ‘all in’ low fares are available from midnight on October 21, until midnight October 24, on over 1,000 of Ryanair’s European routes at

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said: ‘Only Ryanair sells Europe’s lowest fares with no fuel surcharges guaranteed, across over 1,600 routes, connecting 180 destinations, while delivering Europe’s No 1 customer service, with the most on-time flights, fewest cancellations and least mishandled bags.’

The Monday Madness promotion comes after Ryanair’s ‘Bargain Thursday’ promotion, which ended on midnight of October 21, and offered services from London Stansted to Malmo from £14.99 in November, December and January.