Ryanair to improve website, digital service

Ryanair, a Europe-based low fares airline, has announced plans to improve its www.ryanair.com website, to enhance the airline’s customer service.

Ryanair unveiled a series of digital initiatives that are intended to speed up and simplify booking and flying with the airline. Ryanair’s new website features:

The removal of the Recaptcha security feature for individual bookings, effective from November 1. Separately Ryanair said that it has removed the security feature on October 30, two days earlier than planned.

A 24-hour ‘grace period’ to fix minor errors in bookings starting November.

A cleaner, simpler homepage to be effective from November 30.

A simplified booking path that cuts completed bookings from 17 to 5 ‘clicks’.

A perceptive booking flow, enabling customers to easily find the lowest fares on different routes.

Ryanair also announced a series of digital improvements that will be released in the coming months, including:

A member service ‘My Ryanair’ which allows customers to enter their personal details and store them securely on the Ryanair.com website to save time during entries.

Mobile boarding passes allowing customers to either print their boarding passes or download them to their smart phones.

A ‘Fare Finder’ feature, with low fare, which will allow customers to search for fares by price point, route and travel period.

A new mobile application to make Ryanair’s fares and flight info readily available on all smartphones and tablet devices.

‘Share the Fare’ option (end Mar), which helps customers find Ryanair low fares and share them on their favourite social network.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said: ‘We are excited and delighted with the new, cleaner, easier to use Ryanair.com website which significantly improves Ryanair’s industry leading customer service.

We sincerely hope that customers will from 15 Nov next enjoy using our new and improved website. If they feel there are any other customer service improvements we can make, then I hope they will contact me using the ‘Tell MOL’ feature on the Ryanair.com website.’

Ryanair will also release custom language websites in all its major EU markets, starting with Spanish and an Italian version by end June 2014, making the Ryanair.com website accessible in all of Ryanair’s major EU markets in 2014.