London’s best-kept secrets you have to visit

London is a great place to visit, especially when you learn there are an abundance of hidden gems to explore. Once you have decided on a hotelSuperbreak London hotels boast over 350 central establishments – you can then begin planning your itinerary.

Neasden temple

Not many know that London boasts its very own temple. Situated just a short distance from the North Circular, this is one of the first and largest traditional Hindu Mandir’s to be constructed outside of India.

Aside from the intense atmosphere, this is a beautiful place to visit and one that will make you feel a world away from home.

Eltham Palace

Celebrated for its impressive art deco skylight, Eltham Palace takes pride of place in the list of London’s top secret hidden gems. Created by the millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, this 1930s mansion is a must-see attraction and one that can only be described as a masterpiece.

A few of the highlights include the magnificent panelled dining room, the medieval Great Hall and the luxurious bathroom.

Wimbledon Windmill Museum

Positioned on the edge of Wimbledon Common, the Windmill, which was first constructed in 1817, has now been restored to its former glory. Aside from serving the local community, it has been a distinct landmark and one that is enjoyed by its many visitors. Inside you’ll find exhibits of local history and rural life.

Phoenix Gardens

If you’re searching for a haven of relaxation amidst a busy central city, then a trip to the Phoenix Gardens may be just the ticket. Positioned just of Charing Cross Road, it’s hard to even hear the hustle and bustle of the outside world, especially as you sit surrounded by wild flowers and open space.

Cockney Cash Machine

Although a relatively new secret, there are only five of these cash machines in existence. Once you have inserted your card, you’ll be asked which language you’d prefer – Cockney or English.

Those who choose Cockney will be met with slogans such as ‘sausage & mash’, ‘Some Moolah For Ya Sky Rocket?’ and ‘Balance on Fleet Street’. Thankfully there are translations available.

Camley Street National Park

Situated directly behind St Pancras Station, it’s hard to imagine such an area of tranquillity exists. With over two acres of green space to explore, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were anywhere but in the heart of London.