London City Airport celebrates ’50 years of Private Jet’

London City Airport is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the private jet in association with private jet booking service,

As part of the celebrations, the airport is exhibiting the winning images from a recent photography competition launched by PrivateFly. The photography exhibition – 50 Years of the Private Jet – will be on show from November 28 at London City Airport’s main passenger terminal, in the upstairs departures area. Airport visitors can view the exhibition before security.

The exhibition will show the winners in the categories of Ground, Air, Detail, Speed and Crew. The judging panel was comprised of prominent names in aviation and travel photography, including Jessica Ambats, Craig Easton and Nick Meers.

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, commented: ‘We have launched this exhibition as a stunning, visual celebration of the private jet – an iconic symbol recognised as the pinnacle of air travel. It has been 50 years since the 1963 maiden flight of the Lear Jet in the USA and the next 50 will see many exciting innovations, from biofuels to supersonic private jets.

‘London City is the perfect location for the exhibition – Europe’s most efficient and impressive private jet airport, with a unique ‘heart of London’ location.

‘It’s a great opportunity to showcase private jet travel to a wider London audience.’

Darren Grover, chief operating officer at London City Airport, said: ‘We are proud to serve London’s business community, whether they fly by airline or private aviation. Private jets have been a very visible part of life at LCY since the Jet Centre opened in 2002, serving everyone from business people and politicians to celebrities and royalty. We are delighted to mark this milestone in private jet travel.’