London City Airport donates £5,000 to Crisis

London City Airport has donated £5,000 to Crisis, a homelessness charity, to help individuals at risk this Christmas.

The gift will buy 300 beds for a homeless shelter in East London, providing a safe place for the vulnerable where they will also have access to support and advice.

Liam McKay, head of Community Relations at London City Airport said: ‘While passengers are flying through the airport to be with their loved ones, there are people on our doorstep who will be homeless this Christmas. Homelessness devastates lives and I hope our donation will go some way towards helping ease that devastation over the Christmas period and beyond.’

The donation comes as homelessness has been rising significantly in the capital – over 6,000 people have slept rough at some point in London during last year, a 62 percent increase in just two years.

Besides addressing the issue of homelessness by offering shelter and food, Crisis offers support and companionship during the holiday period. The charity launched its services in 1972, when hundreds of homeless guests were fed and accommodated in a small church in central London. In 2012, almost 3,500 guests enjoyed a range of comforts across nine dedicated centres, supported by some 8,000 volunteers.

The charity also works on helping the vulnerable towards a more positive year ahead. Guests receive healthcare and specialist advice on housing, work and benefits, as well as food, accommodation, entertainment and companionship.

Leslie Morphy, chief executive of Crisis, said: ‘Without the support of organisations like London City Airport, Crisis at Christmas simply could not happen, so a big thank you must be said for their generosity. This Christmas their donation will help hundreds of homeless people have the chance of a safe, happy Christmas and provide the opportunity for a more positive New Year.’