Thomson launches brand advertising campaign

UK’s leading holiday brand Thomson has revealed a ground-breaking new advertising campaign which brings to life the significance of holiday-making, and aims to change perceptions of the brand.

Directed by celebrated director Fredrick Bond, the animated ad is filmed using state of the art technology as seen in Hollywood blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean. With its tag-line, ‘It’s amazing what a Thomson holiday can do’, the story evokes the magical holiday feeling and the importance of spending quality time with loved ones.

The campaign tells the story of Simon, a man so weighed down by the stresses of everyday life that he feels he’s become an Ogre, unable to love his family as he wants. In the course of the advert, Simon transform from an Ogre into the best version of himself as a result of the restorative power of holiday.

Jeremy Ellis, Marketing Director at Thomson, comments: ‘At Thomson we offer unique and exclusive holiday experiences designed around ‘people like me’ to ensure our customers are able to step away from their busy lifestyles, relax and become the best version of themselves again. This is the feeling we were keen to evoke in our new advert. The state of the art advert is a first for Thomson and marks the next step in our modernisation journey which aims to challenge people’s perceptions of the Thomson brand.’

Trevor Beattie, Creative Director, BMB said: ‘If you look really closely at the big fella in our ad, you’ll probably recognise him… He’s you. He’s me. He’s everyone who’s ever allowed work or life to get on top of them, to turn them into a bit of an ogre. We wanted to harness this peculiar human truth and use it to explain how Thomson alone can provide the Ogre Antidote: A quick flight on the amazing Dreamliner and a relaxing Thomson holiday and you’ll soon be YOU again.’

The film will air in a 120 second slot on 27th December during blockbuster Star Wars – Return of the Sith on ITV2, Christmas classic Home Alone on E4 and Simpsons on Sky 1, and will be supported by an outdoor, print and social media campaign.

The ad was created by advertising agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay and will go live on on December 27, to coincide with the TV launch.

In addition to the campaign, Thomson’s parent TUI UK will also be launching the new First Choice advert on December 23. This advertisement aims to portray carefree indulgence experienced on a First Choice All Inclusive Holiday by showing a family experiencing fun.