Ryanair claims improvement after customer service initiatives

Ryanair, an Ireland-based low cost airline, said that its new customer service initiatives are starting to pay off, as December passenger figures topped a record 5 million.

Passenger numbers have increased by 4 percent, from 4.8 million in December 2012 to more than 5 million last month.

Ryanair spokesman, Robin Kiely, said: ‘Ryanair carried a new record of over 5m customers in December, thanks to the success of our lower fares, easier to use website and customer service improvements. Further service improvements are due to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months as Ryanair continues to lower prices and improve our industry leading customer service in 2014.’

From Sunday January 5, the airline cut its standard airport bag fees from €60/£60 to €30/£30 at the bag drop desk, and from €60/£60 to €50/£50 at the boarding gate, bringing Ryanair’s bag fees into line with competitor airline’s standard airport bag fees.

This is the latest customer service improvement from Ryanair and follows:

The new Ryanair.com website (17 to 5 clicks to book)

24 hour grace periods (for minor booking errors)

‘Quiet flights’ (pre-8am and post-9pm)

Free small 2nd carry-on bag

Reduced boarding card reissue and excess bag fees

Allocated seating on all flights from 1st Feb

The launch of ‘My Ryanair’ customer registration service

Keily said: ‘We are very excited at these significant improvements to our industry leading customer service. We are listening and responding to our customers so that they can continue to expect low fares and on-time flights, but can now enjoy reduced airport bag fees, a second small carry-on bag and reduced boarding card reissue fees for those who have checked-in online, along with easier website access, 24 hour grace periods and quiet flights, with further improvements set to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

As part of its continuing low fares promotion, the airline recently released 100,000 seats on over 1,000 European routes for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in February and March. As part of the offer, starting from midnight of January 6 until midnight of January 9, passengers can book cheap flights from London Stansted to Aarhus from £16.99.