London Heathrow most expensive for airport parking

Britain has the most expensive airport parking in the world, as holiday makers pay a staggering £10 to £12 to park for one to two hours, reports have noted.

According to reports in the Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mail, Heathrow’s terminal 4 is more expensive than major international airports such as New York, Sydney, Paris and Milan.

The peak-time fee at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 is also indicative of the high rates across the country, with a two hour stay costing £10 at Gatwick and Stansted, and £11 at Luton.

The British airport charges are in stark contrast to major transport hubs around the world – the short term charge at New York’s JFK is £5.50, less than half the Heathrow cost, and at Paris Charles De Gaulle, it is £6.60. Only Sydney Airport charges are comparable with UK rates, at £11.00.

The Automobile Association’s (AA) Paul Watters voiced his disapproval of London airport’s prices, saying: ‘Drivers will feel they are being fleeced. They don’t want the stress of big parking charges when they are worrying about getting people to the airport on time.’

Charges in Scotland are also high, with the cost of a two-hour stay at Scottish airports being as much as £9.00.

Airports in Greece are considered the cheapest in the world, with a short-term stay at Athens International costing only £5.40 for two hours.

Airport operators increased Heathrow parking charges in September, bringing in peak morning and evening rates in an attempt to ease traffic problems around Terminal 4. At off-peak times, drivers pay £10 for one to two hours, while a 24-hour stay costs £53.90.

Also, at airports in Athens and Berlin, those dropping off passengers are allowed 20 minutes or 5 minutes free respectively, before the stop becomes chargeable. In comparison, even a 5 minute stop at Heathrow costs £3.00, the Daily Mail said.