A quarter of Brits to forgo overseas holiday this summer, survey

One in four Britons will forego an overseas holiday this summer due to financial concerns, a survey has revealed.

The survey, commissioned by Travel Channel UK and Vision Critical, has revealed that 21 percent of respondents cannot afford to go abroad on holiday in 2014, saying that they would be staying in Britain this summer due to financial concerns, the Telegraph has reported.

Of the 2,000 individuals questioned for the poll, only 26 percent said they could comfortably afford an overseas holiday.

Female travellers were more reluctant to spend on holidays, with only 22 percent saying that they can pay for a holiday abroad, compared with 31 percent of men.

An overseas holiday is considered too much of a luxury, with 25 percent of 35 to 54 year olds claiming that they would have to make significant sacrifices to be able to afford a trip away. By comparison, the over 55’s were happier at the prospect of a foreign trip, over a third (35 percent) said they could comfortably afford one this year.

When asked about their bucket list of destinations, London came top, ahead of Paris, New York, Rome and Venice.

Travel Channel presenter, Jenny Powell, said: ‘In my job, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing and luxurious locations around the world, however through meeting holidaymakers and going away with friends and family, it’s more and more clear that people are struggling to afford to get away and enjoy a great break.’

The survey results come as the UK travel association, ABTA, recently suggested that January 20, termed Blue Monday, would be the busiest day of the year for overseas holiday bookings, The Telegraph noted in its report.