11 Trends For Travel to India and Beyond For 2011

Guys Hit Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari Extravaganza in World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park
Girls Go Treasure Hunting at Bustling Bazaars in Colorful Settings

One of the best tour companies for India, Indus Travels, shares their views on hot destinations, new experiences as well as overarching trends in India and nearby countries.

1. Adrenaline Rushes in First Ever Ferrari Theme Park – On this ultimate new splurge package to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, travelers get to visit the world’s largest indoor theme park and enjoy an adrenaline rush on the fastest roller coaster on the planet, combined with the best hotels and feasts that will make them feel like a sheikh on vacation.

2. The Shopping Craze – Surveys have shown that shopping is the number one activity (female) travelers want to engage in on vacation, and shopping excursion to bustling bazaars in such colorful destinations as India and Nepal offer a multitude of treasures to be discovered, from hand-woven baskets and intricate wood carvings to fabulous jewelry made with precious stones (including diamonds, which are cut in exported from India) and paintings.

3. Fabulous Accommodations for Every Budget – Indus Travels offers a choice of three accommodation categories, from comfortable standard, to superior boutique hotels and high-end luxury resorts like Oberoi and Aman to match any budget.

4. High End Hotels in Iconic Places – From the Oberoi in Agra, offering the most splendid views of the famous Taj Mahal, to the Hotel Everest View in Nepal, the highest placed hotel in the world with stunning vistas of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, Asia is not short of luxurious accommodations with some of the most incredible views in the world.

5. Culinary Tours With Celebrity Chef – Indus Travels offers exquisite insights into the Indian cuisine on a trip with Vikram Vij, one of the best known Indian chefs in the Americas and author of two books, for all those that believe cuisine is a, if not the highlight of the destination. Culinary tours to Turkey are also available.

6. Cultural Immersion on Himalayan Experience Tour – Arguably Indus Travels’ most “out-of-the-box” tour, this custom trip through Northern India allows travelers to get deeply involved with the local culture through visits of local villages, temples, monasteries and markets as well as a stay at the incredibly gorgeous and remote Leti 360° resort, voted one of the best hotels in the world for three years running and a place that has to been seen to be believed.

7. Culture and Tiger Trekking in Nepal: A Different Approach – Indus Travels’ Nepal tours have a unique focus on the country’s fascinating culture and wildlife, such as tiger trekking in little visited Chitwan National Park on their “Naturally Nepal” tour, aspects other outfitters tend to neglect on their trekking trips.

8. Sri Lanka is Back! – After a troubled past, Sri Lanka is making a great comeback as one of the most diverse and alluring new destinations, with an incredible number of cultural and culinary treasures, soft adventure activities and wildlife excursions on offer. Indus Travels offers a variety of trips to the island state, such as “Best of Sri Lanka” and “Grand Sri Lanka”.

9. Evergreen With Exotic Spin: Family Travel – Intergenerational travel has been a buzz word for years, but what’s new is family’s desire to explore more exotic places like India and Nepal, for kids to learn about the world around them and everyone to expand their horizon while spending valuable time together.

10. Discover the “Royal Bhutan” – One of those “hidden secret destinations”, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan fascinates travelers with its unique and well-protected culture, unspoilt nature and the best of the best in high-end accommodation, such as Aman, Uma and Taj on Indus Travels’ new custom journey “Explore Bhutan”.

11. Shorter Lead Times, More Intensive Experiences – Indus Travels has reported a huge increase in demand for out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences and cultural immersion of 60% over the previous year, which they accredit to global awareness and the travelers’ desire to discover “the real thing” on their trips. At the same time, they have observed a trend towards shorter booking periods, which have reduced from twelve to fifteen months, to now only three to six months in advance.