Ryanair launches new Customer Charter, unveils 2015 customer experience initiatives

Irish low-fares airline Ryanair has launched its new Customer Charter and unveiled the 2015 customer experience initiatives which form year two of its ‘Always Getting Better’ programmes.

Launched in London to mark the airline’s 30th anniversary, Ryanair’s new Customer Charter is aimed at improving all aspects of the Ryanair experience for its 100m customers. It includes an 8-promise plan:

Always Getting Better is the way we promise to do things

We promise the lowest fares

We promise the best choice of destinations

We promise to always prioritise safety

We promise to strive to make your travel an enjoyable experience

We promise we will always be Europe’s most reliable airline

We promise to be transparent and to make travel simple for you

We promise to innovate to make your travel exciting

Ryanair also announced a series of customer service improvement initiatives which will be introduced over 2015 under the second year of its 3-year ‘Always Getting Better’ programme.

Accordingly, starting March, the new Boeing ‘Sky’ interiors will include more destination images as well as increased legroom, Ryanair’s chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs reportedly told the Independent. The cabin crew will also have new uniforms.

In addition the airline will lower fees for airport check-in and missed departures as well as provide a new flight cancellation option at EUR15 per segment fee, within 24 hours of booking, starting May. Ryanair will also introduce a new ‘Hold a Fare’ feature to its website and mobile app, enabling customers to hold fares for up to 24 hours for a fee of EUR5, from June.

The airline is also planning a new insurance product starting September. An improved inflight menu, personalised Ryanair.com website with 100 versions of the homepage and an enhanced ‘My Ryanair’ customer registration system are among other improvements under consideration.

Ryanair CMO, Kenny Jacobs said: ‘Our customers can look forward to an improved inflight experience with new cabin interiors and a new menu, fantastic new digital features including personalised websites, a faster app, ‘hold the fare’ and price comparison features and great destination content, reduced fees and a new flight cancellation option, as well as new insurance products. We will also continue to add new routes and airports to what is already Europe’s largest network, offering an even greater choice to our 100m annual customers.’

In the future, Ryanair will be ‘a travel retailer that specialises in flights,’ Jacobs said.

Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary said: ‘We thank our customers for making Ryanair Europe’s favourite airline and assure them that we will continue to offer them so much more than just the lowest fares, with the biggest route network, industry leading reliability and performance, and the best customer service.’