Turkey predicted to dominate summer holidays

Travelmatch are expecting the summer of 2011 to see many British tourists venture to Turkey. Sales figures from the online travel specialists have shown a significant increase in interest in trips to Lara Beach, Marmaris and other seaside resorts in Turkey. The country is known for these excellent spots as well as Istanbul, an enchanting and very popular city steeped in history.
According to travelmatch.co.uk this surge owes to several factors. Airlines have opened new routes to seaside resorts making it convenient and affordable for British tourists to plan their holidays there. The country has also received notable acclaim of late with its capital city of Istanbul drawing praise from many observers thanks to its gorgeous buildings and superb cultural attractions. Recently it was listed by TripAdvisor as one of the top ten cities in Europe in its 2011 Traveller’s Choice Destination Awards.
The country has also proved popular with people looking for holiday homes. Recent figures have shown that foreign investment in Turkish real estate increased by 40% in 2010.
Alex Francis of Travelmatch comments on the high demand for holidays to Turkey: “Every year one country proves to be especially popular, and early figures indicate that the summer of 2011 will be all about Turkey. This in part owes to structural factors such as the greater availability of flights to resort areas, but there is no denying this country’s unique appeal. Resorts like Lara Beach feature some of the world’s best beaches and gorgeous hotels like the Delphin Diva, while Istanbul offers an amazing cultural experience. Turkey is truly an incredible destination and it is certainly deserving of its popularity.”

Increased Flight Capacity to Make Holidays More Affordable

Online Holiday Specialists Travelmatch Expect Growing Capacity to Bring Down the Price of air Travel and Make Trips to Europe Even More Affordable.

Flight prices are likely to fall in the coming months and years as increased capacity to European destinations changes the holiday market. The online travel specialists have charted increased seat availability for holidays to Marmaris and Costa del Sol inSpain – they predict this will result in great discounts on flight prices for British tourists looking to head to the Mediterranean for seaside holidays.

Travelmatch is basing these conclusions upon their own data and figures released by OAG Aviation, a global flight information and data solutions company. OAG found that there were 317.4 million airline seats available worldwide in April, a 5 per cent increase in capacity over 2010. During the same period European capacity increased by 2 per cent. According to travelmatch.co.uk, the increased availability of seats should encourage competition between airlines and ultimately lower prices.

Alex Francis of Travelmatch comments: “Rising capacity has been brought about by two factors. Firstly, airlines are focusing in on popular resorts, providing customers with flights that suit their needs perfectly. Secondly, we are in the midst of a global rise in capacity with more and more flights being planned every day. This is fantastic news for British tourists as they should see prices fall as supply increases – this will also spur competition between different airlines, which will only serve to lower the overall cost of holidays further.”

Francis expects the price of flights to fall over the coming years, making trips to the continent even more affordable. He concludes: “Over the past decade we have seen prices drop considerably; we expect this trend to continue as increased capacity brings down the cost of air travel. This is very exciting news for British travellers interested in booking stays at hotels like the Green Nature Resort in Marmaris and other fantastic spots around the Mediterranean.”