Ryanair urges customers to comply with cabin bag rules to avoid delays

Ryanair, the Ireland-based European airline, is urging customers to comply fully with its cabin bag rules to help avoid boarding delays during this peak summer season.

The reminder to customers comes as Ryanair is preparing for one of the busiest seasons, with 97 percent of booking already in place for this summer. Ryanair allows passengers to carry one 10kg cabin bag and one smaller bag onboard. The normal 10 kg cabin bag can have maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size, while the smaller bag may be a handbag, laptop bag, or an airport shopping bag.

Due to space limitations, only 90 normal cabin bags of 10 kgs can be carried in the overhead locker cabin. Any additional normal cabin bags can be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold. Carry-on bags must fit in the sizer at the boarding gate and any oversized cabin bags will be refused, or where available, placed in the aircraft hold for a fee of GBP50/EUR50, the airline said.

However, customers may add Priority Boarding to the booking for an additional EUR5.00, to guarantee that their bag gets on board. The airline said that customers travelling on short 2-4 day breaks, who wish to ensure that their cabin bag doesn’t go in the hold, are advised to add Priority Boarding.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: ‘Despite our repeated messaging, some customers are still attempting to bring larger than permitted bags onboard, which are causing delays at the boarding gate. As advised, customers are permitted to bring a normal cabin bag and a smaller bag onboard.

However, many customers are repeatedly exceeding our cabin baggage allowance and we will be left with no choice but to review our policy should this practice continue.

Many of our flights are full given it’s the peak summer period and we urge customers to ensure that they travel with less carry-on bags where possible. Our aircraft can only carry 90 larger carry-on bags and our gate agents are rigorously enforcing our carry-on policy to avoid flight delays and ensure an enjoyable travel experience for all customers. Customers who wish to carry larger baggage are advised to purchase a checked-in bag.’

Customers who are travelling on holidays for longer periods and who wish to carry larger than 10kg bags are advised to select checked-in bags and check their luggage into the hold, Ryanair added.

British Airways survey reveals leave and holiday-booking habits of British travellers

British Airways has announced the results of a survey, which looked at how British travellers planned their holidays and to see if Brits were ‘panic bookers’ or if they planned well in advance, the airline said.

The survey, conducted by Ginger Comms on behalf of British Airways in June 2016, found that British travellers do not enjoy spontaneity when it is about a big annual trip, with more than half – 57 per cent – saying they’ve panic booked a holiday, leaving them feeling stressed (36 percent), annoyed (19 percent) and panicked or worried (18 percent).

Most travellers book their holidays seven weeks in advance, although that changes by region with the Welsh and those from the South East looking for an eight-week gap, while the Northern Irish are happy with 5.4 weeks preparation time. Within that, 45-59 year-olds are the most organised booking at 7.7 weeks out, while 16-29 year olds are more laid back, waiting until 6.5 weeks out.

While 41 per cent of the 1,000 surveyed said that they do run out of leave quickly in the year, the figure varied significantly by age – with 57 per cent of 16-29 years olds concurring, whereas only 26 per cent of 45-59 year olds agreed.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of Brits find that their preferred leave period had been snapped up by colleagues, while everyone surveyed said they had missed out on at least one holiday in the last year, due to a lack of annual leave.

Claire Bentley, managing director of British Airways Holidays, said: ‘We don’t get much leave as a country and according to our survey there are quite a few hurdles to get over to organise a holiday, including co-ordinating leave with colleagues, giving ourselves enough time to organise it and leaving enough free for life admin.

‘At British Airways Holidays we work hard to make booking a trip as easy as possible, from our 24-hour customer hotline to offering a holiday deposit from just GBP150. And with our current sale, which only runs for another week, there are all sorts of trips to be snapped up suiting everyone from the most laid back, last-minute booker through to the most organised travellers who plan months ahead.’

The survey result come as Brits have taken only one-third of their average annual leave quote, of 21 days, so far. While 21-days is the average leave amount, Scots have an annual leave of 23.7 days, nearly four days more than the Northern Irish who get the least at just 19 days, the airline said in its release, adding that everyone will spend at least seven days of their allowance on ‘personal admin’.