Airports under pressure to offer more amenities to travellers

Airports in the US are under pressure to offer more amenities to customers.

In the past decade, as security measures have gained more and more importance over basic traveller amenities, passengers have found it increasingly tedious to spend time at airports, especially when delayed flights require them to be there for long periods.

Now, a US airport, BWI Thurgood Marshall International, and Airmall USA, its developer of retail, food and beverage operations, are trying to offer better amenities to customers with a range of services at the airport. The airport now has spas and an airline club to entertain travellers who are forced to spend time there with little else to entertain them. The airport has also launched free wireless Internet connectivity, known as BWI-WiFi, to cater to the needs of customers that prefer to go online and find their own source of entertainment.

A spokesperson for the airport said that its primary aim was to offer a variety of services, especially if customers have a long time to wait.

BWI is not the only airport in the US that is adopting new measures to keep customers entertained. In Oregon, Portland Airport offers kiosks that passengers can use to download movies and videos. Similarly, Miami International Airport offers pet relief areas with grass and a fire hydrant. San Francisco International Airport even has a yoga room that allows customers to unwind and ease their tensions.

Airport officials said that customers were seeking more from airports, especially as their travel routines have become more constrained. As the time spent travelling has increased for many executives, they expect airports to provide more services and leisure facilities.

BWI’s Concourse D features the Airspace Lounge. Passengers pay USD17.50 to access its power outlets, onsite computers, meals and bar. The spa Be Relax has locations on concourses A and D. Travellers can receive massages, manicures and pedicures, as well as skin care treatments.