Norwegian announces new route to Buenos Aires

Norwegian, a low-cost long-haul airline, is planning to launch a new direct service from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires.

The airline will operate a year-round service of four weekly flights from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, with fares starting from £259.90 one-way to Buenos Aires.

Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos said: ‘Today we have marked the start of our new expansion into South America by bringing a taste of Argentina to London Gatwick. I am delighted to bring our high quality long-haul flights to another continent as we launch the only direct flight from London Gatwick to Buenos Aires, giving leisure and business passengers affordable access to South America.

‘Our first flight to Buenos Aires from the UK marks another milestone for Norwegian. As our first South American route takes off, it is also a first step towards ambitious plans for international and domestic growth in Argentina, ahead of flights to Chicago and Austin from London Gatwick next month.’

Gatwick Airport CEO Stewart Wingate said: ‘The launch of Norwegian’s first ever South American route is another exciting landmark in Gatwick’s ongoing mission to connect the UK to more and more long-haul destinations. The airport now offers 63 long-haul connections – with many, including Buenos Aires, operated by low-cost carriers – making Gatwick the busiest departure airport for low-cost long-haul services in the world.

‘We’re going to continue breaking new ground this year and remain focused on strengthening Gatwick’s global reach at a time when worldwide connections are crucial for the UK. In fact, two new Norwegian routes to Austin and Chicago will follow the Buenos Aires service into Gatwick’s schedules next month alone.’

Norwegian’s long-haul flights from London Gatwick will be operated by a fleet of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The new 56 seat cabin configuration will offer passengers more than a metre of legroom, complimentary meals, baggage allowance and airport lounge access, with Premium fares available from £699.90 one way.

Buenos Aires will be Norwegian’s 11th route from London Gatwick in the past four years and by the end of March, Norwegian will operate 13 direct long-haul routes following the launch of Singapore in September, Buenos Aires in February and Chicago and Austin in March 2018, the airline said.

The World Tango Championship: Argentina’s Star Cultural Draw

There’s no place like Buenos Aires, especially if you’re a keen tango fan. The capital and largest city in Argentina, Buenos Aires has gained a reputation throughout the world as one of its most inspiring and artistic European cities, despite being located tens-of-thousands of kilometres from Europe. It’s an intriguing mix of European architecture and distinctly Latin culture, and it’s now a tourist mecca.

It’s no surprise that Buenos Aires has gained such attention throughout the world. The city is one of the most developed in the region, housing a selection of international businesses and major offices despite Argentina’s near permanent state of political ambiguity. It’s also a cultural melting pot, with immigrants from Europe, the United States, and other South American countries calling it home.

But if Buenos Aires is known for just one thing, it’s the city’s immense love of tango. Some call it the Argentinian national sport, while others prefer to refer to it as an essential part of the nation’s culture. Tango is big business in Buenos Aires, and business gets no better than it is at the peak of the nation’s Tango World Championships.

The multi-day event is held in Buenos Aires every year, and has attracted some of the nation’s – and the world’s – most notable dancers. Participants in this year’s competition are a thorough mix of the world’s cultures and nationalities, with dancers from Japan and Britain rounding out a pack made up primarily of Argentinian contestants. The mood is competitive, yet the tournament is a festive event.

It’s tough to justify such a long haul trip for a relatively small sporting event, but it’s equally tough to ignore Buenos Aires’ immense pulling power. The city is home to thousands of contrasts, yet its artistic community and exciting nature make it a true must-see affair. If this year’s event isn’t going to slide into your schedule, make every effort to ensure that next year’s does.