Luxury Travel: Comparing Bali’s Best Private Villas

Few travel destinations match Bali in variety. The Indonesian island plays home to backpackers and multi-millionaires, with a vast array of different accommodation and leisure options. A shining light in Asia’s tropical travel selection, the acclaimed ‘Island of the Gods’ offers more than meets the eye, with an extensive selection of cultural attractions rounding out its immense water sports offerings.

There’s no shortage of information on Bali’s lower end – the ultra-cheap bungalows situated on its southern shores and tourism centres. What we’re more interested in is the island’s luxury side – the beachfront villas and private residences. The island’s top villas can command prices of over $1000 daily, leaving all but the most affluent travellers forced to search for shared hotels.

The first spot any millionaire is likely to look is Bali’s Pererenan Bay, an almost completely empty expanse of beach and smooth rocks separated from the island’s tourist-heavy mainland. Prices tend to be on the high side, with a six-bedroom beachfront villa available from just $2200 nightly in the island’s peak tourism season. Our pick is the ultra-luxurious Villa Waringin, which houses up to ten.

Of course, the island’s tourism hot spots are also home to some impressive private accommodation deals. Search along the famed Kuta Beach and you’ll see mid-range hotels and large chains, but go just two kilometres down the main road and you’ll hit a string of privately owned villas. Prices are high, but typically below that found on less crowded beaches, at around $500 per night.

With Eat, Pray, Love pushing Bali’s luxurious side to the forefront of any traveller’s mind, now is the best time to plan any ultra-luxury trips. While the island’s luxurious side is far from cheap, it’s one of Asia’s most exotic and appealing travel spots. Aside from the cost, is there anything to hold you back from beachfront luxury?