Enjoy wildlife holidays in Bangladesh

For the adventurous animal lover, travellers could certainly consider enjoying wildlife holidays in Bangladesh, which has a collection of pristine forests and natural reserves.

Bangladesh can be a good place for animal lovers because besides its impressive and diverse species, the nation also offers great weather and a unique cultural experience.

The most important wildlife attraction in Bangladesh is the Bengal tiger. Safaris have sprung up to cater to those hoping for a chance to spot one in its natural habitat.

Travellers can also take a speedboat entry into the Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the world’s biggest deltas, and offers plenty of wildlife to watch and enjoy. The area hosts a national park that is famous for its mangroves, beaches and waterways. Travellers can see animals such as tigers, buffalos and wild deer, and there is a diverse array of sea life that includes sharks, dolphins, turtles and even crocodiles.

Medha Kassapia National Park in Bangladesh offers trekking and hiking, and those willing to take the view at their own pace would find the place quite interesting. Here too travellers can see tigers, crocodiles and wild bears and different reptiles such as pythons, lizards and turtles. Hyenas and monkeys are also frequently spotted.

Meanwhile, a visit to the Nijhum Dweep National Park brings you close to some of Bangladesh’s amazing wildlife havens. The area covers a cluster of islands that includes Char Muri, Ballar Char and Char Osman. Visitors can take a jungle safari or a bird safari. The park is a good locale to spot water-based species such as otters, dolphins and tortoises. There are also over 100 species of migrant birds.